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Terms and Conditions:

            Temporary hosting available for a period of not more than 2 months, unless prior arrangements have been made (only by special circumstance) Websites that are up 2 months notification will be made to the designated contact, and if reply is not heard, or resolution is not resolved within 7 days, of the end of the 2 months, the website will be taken offline, or replaced by another page designating it as ‘this site is temporarily offline’ 

            If any website gets any legitimate complaints, regarding illegal activities, spam, pornography, or anything else deemed inappropriate by the operators of Mercy, the website will be taken down first, and questions asked after. 

            A temporary website holder must be a single page, containing less than a cumulative 2 megabytes of graphics, and code No banners, pop-ups or ‘auto-redirect’ coding. Is allowed, although a clickable link to a replacement website  (angelfire, yahoo, direct IP websites) or similar are permissible 

            Dispute as of owner or appropriate contact for websites will not be determined by MercyHosting, the ‘owner’ of the website, as far as we are concerned is the contact listed in the registrant section of the whois of the domain, unless reasonable attempt at contact has been made to resolve issue, then it will default to administrative contact, technical contact, and billing contact, in that order, if none of the e-mail contacts are available, then by use of a self addressed stamped envelope via the postal service, to contact one of the contacts listed in the whois of the website. All other disputes must be taken care of directly with the registrar the domain. 

            MercyHosting may review content published on websites, and although occasionally we may miss something, MercyHosting will not be held responsible for anything associated with the hosted sites. Any legal agencies that request information regarding hosted sites will be fully cooperated with.

               Terms and conditions of hosted websites, are subject to change without notice, with exception of charging for websites previously deemed as of free service. Any website may be discontinued without notice for any reason that we find fit (excessive traffic, complaints, discovery of content or links deemed inappropriate, etc..)

               Any questions or comments regarding MercyHosting policy, process, or anything else, may be directed to Policy@Mercyhosting.Com

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